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Qualification of Sqay Instructor

Sqay Federation of India has conducted one month certificate course with collaboration of National Institute of Martial Arts kashmir.But the Technical comittee of International Council of SQAY and managing body of federation and Nima Has not accepted this course , It has been decided that only black belt holders will be accepted as Sqay instructors. So all the Senior Players / instructors who has completed their certificate courses are advised that they will apply for black belt examination through their respect state associations otherwise the federation and state Association will not accept them as instructors .

  1. white to blue Duration of course 5months
  2. blue to yellow do 1 year
  3. yellow to green do 1year
  4. green to brown do 1year
  5. brown to red do 1year
  6. red to black do 2years

After that every three years you can apply for up gradation . confirm black belt is diploma holder in sqay and second degree black belt is consider as bachelors degree 5th degree is considered as masters degree and 8th degree is considered degree in SQAY martial Arts and is awarded by the title of GRAND MASTER.

After 4th degree every promotion will be conducted by International council of sqay on the international zonal organizations and concerned country Federations .

But it is necessary to pass both practical and theoritical exams


Nazir Ahmad Mir